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'Halloween' might be banned from Korean broadcast forever


The word 'Halloween' might be forever banned in the Korean broadcasting industry.

Every year, broadcasting companies have planned special 'Halloween' episodes and events for viewers. But this year, all Halloween-related shows and episodes have been canceled due to the Itaewon tragedy that occurred this past weekend.

Any broadcasts and VOD services have already begun editing out any episodes related to Halloween or any parts where the cast is seen in Halloween costumes. The episode of 'Hong Kim Dong Jeon' that was aired on October 23 was taken down from VOD services, where viewers were able to rewatch past episodes.

The popular KBS 2TV entertainment program '2 Days and 1 Night' also decided to edit out some of the Halloween-related content. The show decided to edit out the pre-recorded Halloween concept segments before airing. 'The Return of Superman' took down the replay of the episodes related to Halloween as well.

OTT shows and radio shows are no exception. TVing took down the Halloween-related content section decorated with Halloween-themed emoticons such as pumpkins and lanterns on its main page. Watcha also immediately deleted the special section titled 'You are the protagonist of Halloween.'

Radio shows have also discarded the pre-recorded recordings for the Halloween special episodes, and the radio channels are instead broadcasting a special commemorative broadcast. KBS Radio Cool FM's 'Radio Show' discarded a pre-recording with Park Myung Soo and instead held a live broadcast because his remarks and phrases were unfitting for the mourning period.

K-pop agencies are also canceling events in relation to Halloween. SM Entertainment decided not to proceed with 'SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022,' which was scheduled to be broadcast live at 6:15 PM on October 30 for 1 hour.

'Strike Music Festival,' which was promoted as 'Fantasy Halloween' that was held starting from October 28, canceled all performances on October 30.

One broadcast industry official explained, "It seems that Halloween-related programs, events, and shows will not be produced or held in the broadcasting and performance industry in Korea in the future not only this year."

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tellbelle1,762 pts 20 hours ago 17
20 hours ago

Well that would be stupid. Sorry, but are we supposed to just get rid of anything that ever was involved a tragedy? Did they get rid of all ferrys after the Sewol incident? Tragic accidents happen. There's a time to mourn and then life goes on.

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EunMinHyoEli1234184 pts 20 hours ago 0
20 hours ago

I understand the pain, trauma and horrors of this tragedy are still fresh and will need time to heal but geez! Talk about an overreaction!

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