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(G)I-DLE's Soyeon commended for her clap back to Lee Sang Min's rude question about sleeping nude directed to Shuhua


(G)I-DLEmembers appeared on the October 29th 'Knowing Brothers' and garnered much attention after they shared some of the behind-the-scenes stories of their latest mini-album 'I Love.'

In particular, leader Soyeon received much attention and applause after clapping back to one of the MCs on the show after he directed a rude question to member Shuhua.

In the episode, Soyeon shared how she received inspiration for their title track "Nxde" and explained that she watched the film 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and 'Moulin Rouge' several times to arrive at the concept shown in their latest comeback.

Soyeon also explained Marilyn Monroe inspired the concept a lot in particular the actress's famous phrase, "Diamonds are girls' best friend." The message of (G)I-DLE's title song was inspired mostly by Marilyn Monroe. During the conversation, the topic of sleeping nude came up because the title song was named in inspiration from Marilyn Monroe saying she only sleeps with Chanel No.5.

MC Lee Soo Geun stated, "You're supposed to fall asleep better naked. I sleep naked too so I can't sleep with clothes on." At that moment, Lee Sang Min also added, "I don't sleep with pants on" and went on to ask (G)I-DLE members if they also really sleep nude. When given that question, the members seemed uncomfortable but Lee Sang Min didn't stop there. He went on to put Shuhua on the spot by calling her out saying, "Looking at her expression, she really sleeps nude."

This seemed to be Lee Sang Min's attempt to mention the girl group's title track more but made the atmosphere uncomfortable. When none of the members were able to reply to the question correctly, Soyeon stepped up and said, "What are you thinking? We make sure to wrap ourselves up when we sleep. You sleep nude as much as you want."

After seeing this issue being mentioned in a popular YouTube channel, fans also commented, "Soyeon really handled the situation really well," "He's basically sexually harrassing the girls," "That's really rude of Lee Sang Min to ask something like that," "They looked so uncomfortable," "(G)I-DLE is lucky Soyeon is the leader," "She's really awesome," "Did he think that was funny?" "Soyeon is the best leader," "he crossed the line," and "Soyeon is really smart."

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19 hours ago

''the pervert is you''

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What was he thinking asking that? If she said yes then where was the conversation heading to? A big fan on knowing bros but sometimes sang min tries too hard to be funny

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