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Posted by Sophie-Ha 1 hour ago

An anonymous black male helps save more than 30 people from Itaewon tragedy before the rescue team arrived


After the Itaewon tragedy, there have been eyewitnesses testifying that there was another hero on the day of the accident who disappeared after rescuing dozens of people.

According to Yonhap News, on November 3, one survivor of the accident gave testimony that he was saved by a black male who was pulling many people from the stampede.

The survivor, who is in his 20s living in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, explained that he walked around Itaewon around 6 PM on October 29 to enjoy the Halloween Festival with his five friends.

That's when he and his friends moved toward the narrow alleyway behind the Hamilton Hotel, where the tragedy occurred. The survivor was trapped by the crowd coming from both directions of the alleyway. He eventually fell as he was unable to withstand the force of the crowd. He suddenly found himself at the bottom of a pile with four men on top of him.

He explained that he was saved by a tall black male who was pulling people out of the stampede. The survivor explained, "A tall black male pulled me out as if he was pulling out a radish from the field." He shared that the black male pulled him out by holding him under his arms.

The survivor continued to share that the black male carried him away to the next street, away from danger, and went back to continue to pull people out even before the rescue team arrived. 

He explained, "I'm 182cm (6 feet) tall and weigh 96 kg (212 lbs) , but he carried me all the way to the next street. He and two other foreign men continued to pull people out from the stampede." He shared that the black male disappeared after the rescue team arrived and that he had saved more than 30 people.

On this day, the survivor suffered injuries on his leg that will require three weeks to recover. He explained, "I searched YouTube and various social media networks after the accident to find the man who saved me. I want to meet him to personally thank him."

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iamamothermyself1,585 pts 1 hour ago 1
1 hour ago

I hope this will open some close minded koreans who's discriminating foreigner especially black people. I hope in this tragedy they were able to see that foreigners are not bad people. Just seeing how many foreigners help pulling out those people while other korean men just watching and taking videos

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Fantastic_Bibi1,606 pts 1 hour ago 0
1 hour ago

Whoever that guy is, bless his heart. I wish him and his friends who helped all the good things in life. It warms my heart to know people like him did their best to save others.

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